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Hi, I’m Vamsi 👋

I am a Data Scientist at ServiceNow, building explainable models forecasting some key revenue subscription KPIs.

  1. Writing at A Pinch of Data
  2. Adding some small & useful code snippets in Github Gists
  3. Jotting down notes in docs

I have ~9 years of experience as a Full Stack Data Scientist in Experimentation (A/B Testing, causal inference), Machine Learning (user retention, forecasts) and have some MLOps knowledge (in Azure AI).

My interests in Data Science include building simple models, product analytics, metrics (serving, tooling, monitoring, i.e. Ops), simulations and explainable AI.

Previously, I worked at DoorDash, Allbirds, Dun & Bradstreet and Axtria.

I write extensively in Python and SQL and rely on Azure for MLOps. I have built dashboards in Sigma and Power BI and data apps in streamlit.

I have a Masters in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) from Purdue University and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani.

I’m best reached via email at or Linkedin. I’m always open to chatting about all things data.